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The journal of “Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering” is an international open-access, online, peer review journal publishing original papers of high quality related to the NUMERICAL METHODS in all areas of CIVIL ENGINEERING which was founded by K. N. Toosi University of Technology in 2016. This journal is principally interested in papers with innovative numerical procedure and their applications for solving real-world problems. A significant research activity involves reporting new numerical techniques, improving existing numerical methods, and investigating the efficiency and applicability of numerical approaches are particularly encouraged to be submitted with identical priority on all fields of civil engineering problems.
The Journal of Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering, the official publication of the civil engineering faculty of K. N. Toosi University of Technology, welcomes researchers all over the world to submit their original papers. The journal editorial team is seeking various research papers, reviews, commentaries, and other article formats to provide a medium for the communication of information among the world’s numerical researchers. This journal is intended to be of interest and utility to the researchers and practitioners in the academic, governmental and industrial communities.

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Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering

2022، Volume 7، Number 2

Print ISSN: 2345-4296

Online ISSN: 2783-3941

Director-in-Charge: Dr. S. Sabouri-ghomi

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. B. Asgarian

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  • Current Issue: 2022، Volume 7، Number 2
  • Print ISSN: 2345-4296
  • Online ISSN: 2783-3941
  • Editor-in-Chief: Dr. B. Asgarian
  • Publisher: Faculty of Civil Engineering - K. N. Toosi University of Technology 


Articles views: 221686

Accepted articles: 196
Rejected articles: 43
Published articles: 188

Acceptance rate: 40.57 
Rejection rate: 13.11

Average Time to First Review: 15.3 days
Average Time to Accept: 104 days
Average Time to Publish: 78.9 days


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