Using FEM to achieve acceptance criteria in FEMA performance levels for FRP-wrapped RC circular columns

Document Type : Research


1 Associate Professor, Faculty of Civil Engineering, K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran, Iran.

2 Structural Engineer, former M.Sc. student graduated at Faculty of Technical and Engineering, Science & Culture University, Tehran, Iran,


Using fiber reinforced Polymer composite materials (FRP) in the rehabilitation schemes of vulnerable structural members is becoming more popular over the past decades. From the analytical point of view, the lack of numerical acceptance criteria in attaining the desired performance goal is a major restriction in employing this retrofitting method. The major parameter to control the seismic performance of frame members in nonlinear behavior is plastic hinge rotation angle (PHRA) especially for deformation-controlled actions. To predict accurate performance of RC columns, strengthened with externally-bonded FRP, there is an urgent need to discover PHRA as the acceptance criteria in a nonlinear static procedure stipulated in ASCE/SEI 41-13 standard. As indicated, the parameters such as FRP thickness to section diameter ratio (aspect ratio), the relative height of FRP and the FRP material properties have significant influence on the behavior of the members strengthened with FRP under combineed cyclic axial-flexural loading. For easy use, analytical formulation is calibrated to evaluate PHRA as the function of the aforementioned triple parameters. An attempt has been made to simulate the RC columns with FRP laminate with general-purpose finite element software ABAQUS. Verification of the numerical method has been done by comparing numerical results versus existing experimental tests.


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