Dynamic analysis of shear building structure using wavelet transform

Document Type : Research


1 Associate Professor, Department of civil engineering, Shahrekord University of Iran, Shahrekord, Iran,

2 MSc in water and hydraulic structure, Department of civil engineering, Shahrekord University of Iran, Shahrekord,


Dynamic analysis of shear building structures (SBS) is achieved using fast wavelet transform (FWT). The loads are considered as acceleration of earthquake record. for the analysis, A time history dynamic analysis is carried out. A fast wavelet transform is used by which the number of points in the earthquake record is reduced by filter bank. In the filter bank method, the low-pass and high-pass filters are used for the decomposition of earthquake record into two parts. One part contains the low frequency, and the other part contains the high frequency of the record. The low frequency is the most important part; therefore, this part of the record is used for dynamic analysis of structures. A shear building structure is analyzed and the results are compared with exact dynamic analysis (EDA) and fast Fourier transform  method. It is concluded that the best choice for approximation record was the second and third stage of decomposition. Also, overall time for dynamic analysis was reduced using Fwt.


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