Nonlinear modeling of the infill wall based on the brittle cracking model

Document Type : Research


1 Ph.D. Student, Road, Housing & Urban Development Research Center, Tehran, IRAN

2 Assistant Professor, Road, Housing & Urban Development Research Center, Tehran, IRAN



This paper introduces a new numerical method for the analysis of infilled steel frames with hollow clay blocks. This approach is based on the brittle cracking model of ABAQUS. The results of the in-plane calibration analyses obtained with four experimental tests are presented and discussed. The first test was a bare steel frame used as a control specimen. The second was similar to the first one, but with an infill wall in contact with the frame. In the third specimen, the infill wall was completely separated from the frame. The infill wall of the fourth specimen had full contact at the top of the infill wall to the frame and separated from the columns. In the second part of the study, improved versions of the third and fourth specimens have been investigated numerically. Results reveal that the brittle cracking model can be useful in assessing the behavior of masonry infill walls. Furthermore, it can be concluded that the separation of infill walls from the steel frames is quite helpful in reducing the inappropriate effects of infill walls on the overall behavior of buildings.


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