Keywords = Finite Element Method
Application of the material point method in the modeling of arching effects behind retaining walls with active movements

Volume 8, Issue 2, December 2023, Pages 80-91

Akbar Rouzkhosh; siamak zadkarim; Masoud Pourbaba

Numerical Analysis of Seepage in Steady and Transient Flow State by the Radial Basis Function Method

Volume 8, Issue 1, September 2023, Pages 58-68

Rasoul Daneshfaraz; Sina Sadeghfam; Roghayeh Adami; Hamidreza Abbaszadeh

Evaluation of Disc Cutter Performance in Rock Cutting Process Using 3D Finite Element Method

Volume 5, Issue 3, March 2021, Pages 1-12

Morteza Khosravi; Ahmad Ramezanzadeh; Shokrollah Zare