Author = Fanaie, N.
Determining the moment-rotation curve for top and seat angle and stiffened welded-seat connections using Chisala’s model

Volume 7, Issue 4, June 2023, Pages 66-88

Nader Fanaie; Mehdi Fazli; Mohammad Amin Moghaddasi

The Effects of Using Easy-Going Steel Knee Element on Seismic Behavior of CKBF

Volume 2, Issue 4, June 2018, Pages 10-19

M. Farhani Nezhad; N. Fanaie

Probabilistic Seismic Demand Assessment of Steel Moment Resisting Frames Isolated by LRB

Volume 2, Issue 2, December 2017, Pages 52-62

N. Fanaie; M. Sadegh Kolbadi; E. Afsar Dizaj

Finite element analysis of a rigid beam to column connection reinforced with channels

Volume 2, Issue 1, September 2017, Pages 37-48

F. Ghalamzan Esfahani; N. Fanaie

Seismic behavior of drilled beam section in moment connections

Volume 1, Issue 4, June 2017, Pages 1-6

S. Kazerani; N. Fanaie; S. Soroushnia

Numerical study of slotted web drilled flange moment frame connection

Volume 1, Issue 3, March 2017, Pages 16-23

N. Fanaie; S. Kazerani; S. Soroushnia