Aims & Scopes

Aims and Scope
The aim of the Journal, is to advance the research and practice in structural engineering through the application of computational methods. The Journal will publish original papers and educational articles of general value to the field that will bridge the gap between high-performance construction materials, large-scale engineering systems and advanced methods of analysis.
The scope of the Journal includes papers on computer methods in the areas of structural engineering, civil engineering materials and problems concerned with multiple physical processes interacting at multiple spatial and temporal scales. The Journal is intended to be of interest and use to researches and practitioners in academic, governmental and industrial communities. The journal editorial team is seeking a variety of research papers, reviews, commentaries and other article formats to provide a medium for communication of information among the world’s numerical researchers. This journal is intended to be of interest and utility to the researchers and practitioners in the academic, governmental and industrial communities.
The Scientific Research Journal of Numerical Methods in Civil Engineering (NMCE), welcomes all original research contributions (not published elsewhere) in all areas of established numerical engineering disciplines and sciences. Although this journal will publish authoritative papers on new implementation of numerical methods in all this field disciplines and advanced applications, it may also feature when appropriate:
- Tutorial survey type papers reviewing some field or fields of science
- Short communications, research notes and letters to the editor.
- The review of books and papers published elsewhere as well as meeting schedules.


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